*Due to inclement weather, the event date has moved to Sunday, April 14th*



Must be street legal
100% full stock body and OE frame required. No mods, no gutting
Fenders may be trimmed for clearance
Any lift kits which retain factory suspension is allowed
Engine, differentials, trans, and transfer case must be OEM
Engine in stock location. Limited to 3 external mods.
Must run pump gas. NO RACING FUEL
Engine must be able to pull steady 14in vacuum @1k RPM
Up to 36" uncut tires
Open exhaust allowed
No mods on diesel


Upholstery may be removed
100% full stock body and factory frame required
Fenders may be cut for clearance
Any lift kits which retain factory suspension is allowed
Differentials, trans, and transfer case may be upgraded
OEM Engine in stock location. No aluminum blocks unless OEM. No forced induction
Single Carb or OEM injection on pump gas only
Up to 42" UNCUT DOT tires
Diesels may use programmers


Any OEM frame, body and engine combination
Must have fire wall and floor pan
Any DOT tire, alterations allowed
5 point harness required
Drive shaft loops required
NO alcohol, NO nitro methane, NO nitrous
Minimum 4 point cage required
Up to 44" DOT tires


Any frame, body, or engine mods
6 point roll cage required
5 point harness required
External kill switch required
Fire extinguisher required
Driveshaft loops required
Up to 44" DOT tires


Any tire over 44"
V tread tires


1. Drivers meeting is mandatory for all drivers
and will be at 11:30am
2. Registration will be 8am to 11am. No
registrations will be excepted after 11am for the
races however the grudge match is open to
3. No drivers under the age of 16 are allowed
4. Seat belts or restraint system are mandatory
5. Helmets are mandatory
6. Vehicle must pass inspection for the class it is
registering for
7. Must have working brake system
8. No backing up in the pits
9. Diver must be ready to run when called to
the line (if a driver is set and ready his/her
competitor has five minutes to get on line or will
be disqualified
10. If a vehicle has mechanical issue please
notify staff immediately to adjust
11. If any driver appears to be too impaired to
safely race APEX staff will not allow that driver
to race

12. Please watch your speed when returning to
the staging area
13. All vehicles must have hitch or tow point on
rear of the vehicle
14. No riding the side of the pits
15. ABSOLUTLY no fighting, you will be
disqualified and asked to leave the event
16. Please respect all racers and staff, we are
here to have fun
17. APEX and Buffalo Lake Staff will have final
say on any issues
18. Judges have the right to change rules due
to pit conditions, number of racers and time.
Rules and changes will be announced prior to
the race
19. During the grudge matches please
remember to have fun and respect your